Contemporary canine portraiture



Contemporary canine portraiture

Let's create beautiful wall art as unique as your own dog

My name's Rob and I love to photograph dogs. My specialism is creating unique pieces of wall art celebrating your four-legged friends.

Every canine companion has a distinct personality, and a well-loved one is part of the family. My philosophy is that your dog deserves a portrait, not just a nice photo to put on Facebook.

If you want to capture the essence of your furry companion then get in touch. Together we will create a distinctive portrait that brings out their unique character.

Bedlington Terrier photography

Process & pricing


Dog photography, as easy as 1-2-3


Getting a beautiful, custom-created portrait of your furry friend is a simple and enjoyable experience in three stages:

1: The COnsultation

First, get in touch on 07800 877932 or by using the form below.

We'll arrange a meeting, video chat or phone call. You can tell me more about your doggy, their story and personality. We will discuss why you're looking at commissioning a pet portrait and what kind of end result you are looking for out of the experience.

Then we'll agree a time and place for the photoshoot experience.

2: The Photoshoot

We'll start the experience by setting up the equipment and making sure your dog is nice and settled.

We'll chat about what kinds of images you're looking for. If we're shooting at your home you can show me where you're thinking of hanging your forthcoming doggy art.

Then comes the fun part of the experience! We'll get a variety of shots to capture the distinctive character, poses and expressions of your dog.

3: The Selection

Then it's time for the viewing and ordering session. I'll come to your home to show you the best images from the photoshoot. You decide which ones best capture your dog's character.

I'll show you samples of products. We'll discuss the suitability of different styles and sizes. We'll also look at the spaces you have in mind for displaying your images.

Once you've decided what to order, I'll create your wall art and gift products and deliver them to you within a couple of weeks!


Session fee

I like to keep things simple. Your photoshoot is a fixed price of £75 for up to three dogs.

This covers the pre-shoot consultation, travel to your home or desired location with the appropriate backdrop and lighting equipment and a personalised shoot of around an hour. We'll keep going until we've got the shots you want though!

As I don't want you to have to pay for any product you don't love, your session fee doesn't include any prescribed products – you only purchase what you really want from our à la carte product range.


Paw Prints works with highly respected UK photography trade laboratories to create personalised works of fine art using the best available materials.

You can choose from a range of four wall art sizes (up to 40x30") in four materials: stylish acrylic from £210, contemporary canvas from £160, traditional wood framed from £140 or simply mounted and matted ready for your own framing from £90.

In addition, smaller gift prints in sizes up to 8x10" are available on request.


The question I get asked most often...

"My dog is hyperactive / nervous / totally untrained – how will you get them to sit still for long enough to get a good shot?!"

It'll be fine... no training, no problem :-)

Don't worry if your pooch is sometimes nervous or excitable. Lots of people think their pup is "impossible to photograph". I'm very patient and have lots of treats and squeaky toys to keep their attention.

Almost every dog on these pages was giddy, bouncy or shy for at least some of the shoot. Some of them were still on leads held by their owners – the magic of Photoshop!

Your dog only has to sit still for about 1/200th of a second. My job is to point the camera at them at just the right time!

So don't be put off enquiring because your dog is "a bit of a handful" – they're the ones with character and make the best photos!



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Paw Prints Pet Photography

Paw Prints is a boutique dog photography business based in North Yorkshire. It's run by me, Rob Townsend.

I've been passionate about dogs and photography for a long time now. A couple of years ago I decided to combine the two.

For the last few years I've been studying for an arts degree in photography. This grounding in fine art has given me a perspective on what makes a compelling image. I bring this to my canine portraiture.

We have two lovely dogs ourselves. Jasper the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the barky one. Henry the Bedlington Terrier is the bouncy one. It was photographing these two that got me started.

Follow Paw Prints on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up on news, offers and pictures of cute doggies!


Associate Member of the Association of Photographers



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Enquire about a portrait of your dog

If you'd like a beautiful, unique photographic portrait of your own beloved pet, I'd love to hear from you.

You can call on 07800 877932, email on or complete the form below.

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